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Step Up To The Bar Now!
Help Solve the Plastic Waste Crisis

Over the years Sally has continually innovated and evolved wellness.  And now her attention has shifted not only to the clients but the planet.

Over the last few months a massive amount of media attention has been drawn to the disposal of plastics and drinking straws.  But we know that much larger efforts need to be taken for a sustainable and healthy environment. 

Sally has spent much of her life working and mastering the Naturopathic way on wellness.  Her training includes Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga Therapy, Massage Therapy as well as herbalism and meditation.  It was obvious that a much larger impact could be on the health of the planet, people and future generations.  

Our Chief Barketing Officer helps around the office by greeting customers.

We are committed to not only Raising The Bar but Being The Bar when it comes to sustainable healthy products and packaging.  Our goal is to create the most powerful movement regarding sustainable business practices in our industry.  Starting in 2019 our New Years resolution, although lofty, is to eliminate 20% of all plastic bottles used for beauty products.  We are committed to creating a wellness campaign that focuses on products, people and the planet.