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Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use burlap that is a fiber.  It is biodegradable so it is safe for the environment and comes in a natural brown color. Burlap is an earth-friendly fabric made from naturally organic fibers from the jute plant. It contains no chemical additives or treatments so it is completely safe for animals and the environment.  Since the fiber comes from the tough stems of these plants, burlap is a much tougher material.

Jute Fiber

Burlap’s composition makes it one of nature’s most Eco-friendly fabrics

At Hop In The Bar we want to minimize the impact on the environment by using eco-friendly packaging.  We love burlap for several reasons.  First, the plants harvested to make jute fibers grow to maturity in just six months or less without requiring any fertilizers or pesticides to protect and nourish the crops. That means almost all jute crops used in burlap making are organic due to the nature of the jute-growing industry! In Asian countries experiencing a monsoon season of heavy rains, these plants receive all the water they need from nature alone, so buying burlap supports a more responsible and sustainable farming system too.

Secondly, because burlap consists of totally natural, unrefined plant fibers such as jute, it’s a 100 percent biodegradable material that recycles completely back into the soil with no waste. Gardeners love how burlap easily starts decomposing within a compost pile after only one month.

Third, jute is virtually a no-waste crop to produce. Any pieces of jute stalks left after the growers extract the fibers for burlap become firewood for the local community.

Fourth, jute plants nourish the soil they grow in. Farmers love jute because using jute crops as part of their crop rotation replenishes the ground with valuable macronutrients that keep the soil fertile.

Best of all, the practice of growing jute crops alone is extremely beneficial for purifying the Earth’s atmosphere. Some sources have found that jute plants can absorb up to three times as much carbon dioxide from the air than most trees, giving us a greater supply of oxygen while cleaning the air we breathe.

You can reuse the burlap bag or use this bag to carry you soaps to the gym, travelling, or camping.  Be creative.  This bag have many uses.